Endophyte In NTEP Tests

Microscopic view of endophyte

      Endophytes can be found in certain turfgrass species and cultivars. Endophytes enable the plant to resist feeding of some insect pests and have also been shown to increase stress tolerance.

      Rutgers University has determined % endophyte infection of entries in several NTEP tests (see links below).

1998 Fineleaf Fescue Test
       1999 Perennial Ryegrass Test
       1996 Tall Fescue Test
       2001 Tall Fescue Test
       2010 Perennial Ryegrass Test
      Endophyte infection percentage pertains only to the seed lot in NTEP Tests. Also, Rutgers testing did not distinguish between "live" and "dead" endophyte.

      For additional information on endophytes in turfgrass, click here.

Endophyte-enhanced perennial ryegrass (right) shows chinch bug resistance. Perennial ryegrass with no endophyte shown on left.


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