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NTEP Now Offers Customized Data Analysis !

       Data Analyzed to fit your needs

Species Available for Analysis:

Kentucky Bluegrass
Perennial Ryegrass
Tall Fescue
St. Augustine
Fineleaf Fescue

dot-2.gif (43 bytes)Turnaround Time:

72 Hours or Three Business Days

Analysis is prepared and
delivered in report format.
Sample reports available
upon request.

$ Cost $

coputype2.gif (1204 bytes) Custom Data Analysis
Statistical analysis performed for you!!   Reports created using your specific criteria.  See what can be done for you!!

Here are some Examples:

Example #1 - Regional Data Analysis
you can choose the locations!

Kentucky bluegrass performance
in the Northeast U.S. (over the entire year)
option1.jpg (15767 bytes)

Example #2 - Seasonal Results

Summer data only in the Northeast U.S.
option2.jpg (7534 bytes)

    Example #3 - Compare only Varieties You Select !!

option3.jpg (10697 bytes)

These are only a sample of what is possible!
Please feel free to call us and
discuss your needs.

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  money.gif (9520 bytes)cost.jpg (3057 bytes)


One to Three Analysis -  U.S. $250.00

Each Additional Analysis -  U.S. $75.00

 Payable by visa.jpg (1929 bytes), mastcard.jpg (2756 bytes) or gl_logo.gif (1165 bytes)

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