tall_fescue.jpg (2365 bytes)  2012 National Tall Fescue Test
2017 Data
Progress Report NTEP No. 18-3

How is Turfgrass Quality Evaluated?
Quality for Location Performance Index (LPI) Groups:
         Quality for LPI Group 1
         Quality for LPI Group 2
         Quality for LPI Group 3      
         Quality for LPI Group 4      
Quality for Different Maintained Schedules:
         Mean Quality for "Schedule A"
         Mean Quality for "Schedule B "
Quality for Different Climatic Zones/Regions:
         Northeast Region
         Transition Region
         Southeast Region
         North Central Region
         Southwest Region
Quality and Other Data Under Traffic Stress :
         North Brunswick, NJ
         Knoxville, TN
Quality and Other Data Under Shade
         Carbondale, IL
Quality and Other Data for Brown Patch Study :
         Wichita, KS
Quality and Other Data Under Drought Stress :
         Logan, UT
Turfgrass Quality Summary:
        Summary of Quality Statistics