prennial_ryegrass.jpg (3080 bytes)  2016 National Perennial Ryegrass Test

2020 Data
Progress Report NTEP No. 21-9

How is Turfgrass Quality Evaluated?

Quality for "AMMI Analysis"
        Quality for LPI Group 1
        Quality for LPI Group 2
Quality for Different "Schedules"
        Quality for "Schedules A"
        Quality for "Schedules B"
        Quality for "Schedules C"
Quality for Different Regions:
        Northeast Region  
        Transition Region  
        North Central Region  
        Logan, UT (UpperWest/Mountain Region)  
        Corvallis, OR (Pacific Region)  
Quality and Others under Traffic Stress:
         at Amherst, MA
         at Corvallis, OR
         at Madison, WI
Quality and Others under Drought Stress:
         at Logan, UT
Divot Recovery:
         at Lexington, KY
Turfgrass Quality Summary:
         Summary of Quality Statistics