kentucky_bluegrass_high.jpg (2365 bytes)  2017 National Kentucky Bluegrass Test
2021 Data
Progress Report NTEP No. 22-9

The data tables for different locations are alphabetically organized below by state. To easily print the data tables for each or all of the locations, Click on All Data Tables / Printable Version. To view the All Data Tables, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it Free by clicking Get Acrobat
Storrs, CT
Ames, IA

Ames, IA (Shade)
West Lafayette, IN
W. Lafayette, IN (Billbug)
Amherst (Trf.), MA
College Park, MD

E. Lansing, MI
St. Paul, MN

Raleigh, NC
Fargo, ND
Mead, NE
N.Brunswick, NJ
N.Brunswick (Trf), NJ

Adelphia, NJ
Stillwater, OK

Knoxville, TN
Logan, UT
Blacksburg, VA