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NTEP Turfgrass Trial Explorer v1.0

This search tool is linked to 40+ years of data collected by NTEP and its university partners. The tool allows a user to efficiently locate the information needed to make smart and timely decisions on turfgrass cultivars and experimental selections. Please note:  the tool currently only contains data from 1981-2020.  We apologize that 2021 data is not yet available in the tool as we will be adding 2021 data later this year.   Thanks for your understanding as we work to increase database uploading efficiency. 

Thanks also for using the Turfgrass Trial Explorer tool!   Please recognize that this initial release, version 1.0, will be continually improved with new versions released over time.  Therefore, we have many plans for improvement but we need your input and suggestions for future development.  Please send any questions, comments or suggested changes/enhancements, to the development team at kmorrisntep@gmail.com.

Try the Turfgrass Trial Explorer!  https://maps.umn.edu/ntep/